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Mini plaque pour four grille-pain, aluminium 9,5 x 6,75 x 0,75 pouces

Prix d'origine $14.00 - Prix d'origine $14.00
Prix d'origine
$14.00 - $14.00
Prix actuel $14.00

Le plat de cuisson pour four grille-pain peu encombrant, de taille réduite pour s'adapter aux fours de comptoir/grille-pain et aux fours de camping de camping-car d'aujourd'hui, peut cuire une plus petite portion de nourriture sans réchauffer la cuisine ni gaspiller l'énergie d'un four conventionnel de grande taille. Idéal pour les biscuits, le poulet, les biscuits, les légumes rôtis et plus encore ! Plaque de taille ⅛

  • L'aluminium conduit facilement la chaleur
  • Mesures : environ 9,5 pouces x 6,75 pouces x 0,75 pouces à ses plus grandes mesures
  • Utilisation pour les assiettes/plateaux de service tendance de style industriel.
  • Fabriqué aux Etats-Unis

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alexis Andrews
Great Pan

This is perfect for cooking meats and veggies in the toaster oven. The higher sides are nice because the juices don't flow off the pan like a normal flat pan.

K. Kelly
Perfect Fit

Great pan for baking in smaller oven. I usually have a hard time finding pans that will fit so I was very happy when I saw this. I have been using it for chicken and veggie dinner mixes and they have been turning out great!

Cara C
Fast Delivery

haven't used it yet but wanted to express how quick it came. it does fit in my toaster oven i just haven't had the chance to make anything with it yet.

Fits Perfect

I NEVER use my big oven. I bought a small counter top oven years ago and my pans for it were near their end. I bought this as a replacement and it fits perfectly. I've had problems in the past where I go to the store to buy one and it ends up not fitting like I thought. This one, I did not have that issue. Fits great and nothing burns on it, wahoo!