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Brosse à bouteilles avec manche en bois, poils de sanglier

Prix d'origine $10.00 - Prix d'origine $10.00
Prix d'origine
$10.00 - $10.00
Prix actuel $10.00

Brosse à bouteille en poils de sanglier de haute qualité avec manche en bois de 14 pouces pour atteindre facilement les grands verres, vases et bocaux.

  • Manche en bois de 14" de long
  • Poils de sanglier

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rhea N.
Super handy

These things are the best for cleaning glass and plastic baby bottles. Plus they look really nice displayed in the kitchen instead of the cheap looking plastic ones from the store. They're kind of decorative. Will buy more.

Jackson B.
bottle brush

Works and is easy to use. Great product for getting those pesky cups and bottles cleaned out.

clean vases

good brush size and cleans really well. i had some vases that were in storage I needed to clean and this did the trick. I didn't have to waste time trying to squeeze my hand as far down the vases as I could to get them cleaned.

Lisa Balms
great for water bottles

I have always had the HARDEST time trying to clean the tall water bottles my son uses for football! Every brush I bough before never had a long enough handle so I couldn't really get a good clean. However this handle is longer and I am finally able to clean them and feel like they are CLEAN! They also work great on baby bottles!