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Brosse à vaisselle, Tampico

Prix d'origine $10.80 - Prix d'origine $10.80
Prix d'origine
$10.80 - $10.80
Prix actuel $10.80

Brosse à poils durs pour nettoyer la vaisselle, les verres et les poêles.

  • Le crochet de poignée facilite l'accrochage et le rangement
  • Dimensions : 10 po de longueur x 2 po de largeur x 2 po de hauteur
  • Matériau : poils en fibres naturelles et manche en bois de hêtre
  • Lavage des mains

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Read purchase! It is so much more stylish and aesthetically pleasing than than regular white and green plastic brush you get at the store, and for not much more money. It looks like it cost a lot more than it does. I plan to buy more if needed.

Erwin James
Beechwood brush

I'm very happy I purchased this brush. 1) i like how it looks and 2) it works great
I am a fan of the beechwood look. I've had it for a month now and it has no signs of wear and tear.

K. Samson
Beachwood Dish Brush

Awesome brush. I haven't seen any bristles fall out and it looks super cute by the sink. Something about the design of this brush is so much nicer than a plastic one from the store. Love the beachwood material as it makes it very comfortable to hold.

great product

idk about you but i always have a hard time cleaning my dishes. we don't have a dish washer in our home so we wash everything by hand. i was getting so frustrated with having food stuck on pans and bowls so i went on a search to find something to help. this brush makes it so much easier to clean. it gets the stuck food off the pans without me having to put a ton of pressure to get it off. when i'm done using it i give it a quick clean and it looks as good as new. definitely would suggest buying this.