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Prensa y pastelería Pierogi Ravioli Empanada

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Fabricada en los EE. UU., esta resistente máquina para hacer pierogi moldea 6 pierogi, ravioles o empanadas en forma de media luna a la vez. Para usar, coloque una hoja de masa de pasta sobre el formulario y llene los bolsillos con el relleno deseado. Cepille los bordes con agua o huevo batido y coloque la segunda hoja de masa de pasta sobre el molde. Pase un rodillo recto por el molde ejerciendo presión para sellar y cortar los pierogi o ravioles. Puedes hervir el pierogi o refrigerarlo o congelarlo para usarlo más adelante. Rinde 6 pierogies (1,75 x 3,5 pulgadas).  La forma más sencilla de cortar y sellar pierogies polacos, potstickers chinos, tartas rellenas, etc.

  • Fundición de aluminio
  • Pies suaves y antideslizantes.
  • Hecho en los EE.UU.

Dimensiones del producto: 11,6 x 3,9 x 1 pulgada

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Katie L.

    I bought this originally to make ravioli but I use it for a lot more than I imagined. I've even used it for sweet applications with fruit and chocolate fillings. It's very versatile.

    Salina R.
    Fantastic kitchen tool!

    I love pot stickers, pierogi, empanadas, ravioli... any stuffed dough has my attention, but truth be told, pre-made ones are slim pickings in my neck of the woods, and when it comes to fillings, you cannot be choosy. This gadget is a game changer. Sweet, savory, basic, or exotic, no matter your liking or mood, this lets you make them all, to your standards, in your own kitchen with impressive results. I love these kinds of kitchen tools that make basic effort look super impressive to my guests. Can you roll out (or buy) dough? If so, you're set. Create any filling, lay a spoonful on the dough, press down and voila: you have restaurant quality presentation. It's compact, easy to clean & store, no big machine taking up counter space. I'm beyond happy to have found this press!

    Giving it a try

    Haven't used it yet but purchased because a friend recommended it me. I am excited to use it. However after just looking at it for now, I can tell this is good quality. Can't wait to see how it turns out.