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Moldes para pan para hornear de papel mediano, paquete de 25, 8 x 2,5 x 2 pulgadas

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Los elegantes utensilios de papel para hornear de Italia con un clásico patrón dorado sobre marrón son perfectos para regalos caseros y panaderías comerciales. No es necesario engrasar previamente. Instrucciones incluidas.
  • Paquete de 25 moldes para pan desechables
  • Perfecto para regalos caseros o para panaderías comerciales.
  • No es necesario engrasar previamente, aunque se recomienda para obtener mejores resultados.
  • Cada molde mide: pan de 8 pulgadas x 2,5 pulgadas x 2 pulgadas

Peso empaquetado: 0,54 libras. [8,7 onzas]

Artículo: 2592
UPC: 761995025927

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lydia K

I like these for making breads at home. Very good and ships fast.

Karolina H.P
Versatile Baking

Originally purchased for baking but realized they are very versatile. I have discovered they also make awesome drawer organizers! We are expecting our first child and I needed something to put his smaller clothing pieces in. I put his little socks and shoes in these pans in a drawer in the dresser and it looks great! I do plan on using them for baking at some point too but thought it was cool how they could be used for something a little different.