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Ahorro y suavizante de azúcar moreno

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Conserva el azúcar moreno manteniendo su textura fresca y suave. Elija entre 3 estilos; Hoja de arce, búho o sol.

Simplemente remoje el azúcar moreno en agua durante 15 minutos, séquelo y colóquelo en azúcar moreno. El protector mantendrá el azúcar moreno húmedo y listo para usar. También funciona muy bien con frutos secos, malvaviscos, galletas y pasteles.

  • El protector de azúcar moreno mantiene la humedad del azúcar moreno hasta por 6 meses
  • Alimentos seguros y reutilizables.
  • Remojar en agua durante 15 minutos y colocar en azúcar moreno u otros alimentos o ingredientes para mantener la humedad.
  • Para absorber la humedad y mantener las especias, la sal, las galletas saladas, los pretzels y las patatas fritas secas y crujientes, omita el remojo y úselo seco.
  • Limpie enjuagando únicamente con agua limpia. NO use jabón ni lo ponga en lavavajillas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brown sugar bear

I love this brown sugar saver (bear). My 4 year old loves when I get out the brown sugar when baking because he loves to find "his bear." It's a lovely memory I'll cherish, but the best part is that is actually works in keeping my brown sugar soft! I haven't had to rewet it yet and it's been a few months. Great, inexpensive purchase.


I come from a family that has had a maple syrup operation for two generations. I make my own maple sugar to give it as gifts, but like brown sugar, it can harden. These sugar savers are perfect to include with the jars to keep the sugar soft and the maple leaf motif is spot on. It's a great finishing touch for my gift packaging! I grabbed the hummingbird as well for my niece and she loved it.
I've never used them dry for spices, crackers, pretzels and such but you can bet I'm going to try on this next purchase. That's genius!

Clara B.
Really works

I use these for storing brown sugar and home made cookies. They really make a difference. The brown sugar doesn't stick together and get hard and the cookies stay soft and chewy for longer. Not sure how they work, but I know they do!

K. Muskat
Sugar is soft!

Works great. I purchased all three styles available (bear, hummingbird, and maple leaf). I figured I might as well buy them all for the price! My sugar is remaining soft and the cute designs add some touch to my kitchen.

works great

The selling point for me here was the cool designs. I personally like the hummingbird one just because it sentimental value to my family. This is great for keeping brown sugar super soft and easily scoopable.