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Círculos de papel pergamino, paquete de 25

Precio original $10.00 - Precio original $11.00
Precio original
$10.00 - $11.00
Precio actual $10.00

Conveniente para cualquier panadero doméstico o comercial al preparar pasteles, tartas o tartas en capas. Precortados y listos para usar, estos círculos de papel pergamino encajan perfectamente en sus moldes de 9 o 10 pulgadas de diámetro para hornear antiadherentes y facilitar la limpieza.

Círculos de papel pergamino precortados para hornear pasteles, tartas o tartas en capas impecables.
  • Ahorre tiempo y minimice el desperdicio con círculos de papel pergamino precortados
  • El pergamino antiadherente facilita la limpieza.
  • Versátil y multiusos: perfecto para preparar o congelar alimentos como tortillas, capas de pasteles o hamburguesas.
  • Disponible en 2 tamaños: 9 o 10"

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So convenient

These parchment circles are so great and convenient! I love not having to measure and cut regular parchment paper anymore, which was very wasteful. These save so much time and material. They really help keeping my layer cakes in tact and perfectly round. I can't wait to use them each time I bake a cake.

No more cutting!

Love these! Must have to eliminate the need to cut parchment paper yourself. Great price for a great product!

Wife Needed

The wife needed some of these as she bakes in high quantity. I found that this site sold them in a bulk size of 150 for a good price so bought her these. They came fast and she hasn't had any problems. Will be buying more for her in the near future.

Carrie Breggs
quick and easy fix!

I was excited when I saw this product because I was tired of cutting parchment paper myself to fit in my circled pans. This eliminates so much time I was spending when cutting myself. They fit in pan as expected and for the price it's a great deal.