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Botella piramidal de vidrio verde con corcho - Capacidad de 10 oz

Precio original $14.00 - Precio original $14.00
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$14.00 - $14.00
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Vidrio verde elegante y retro elaborado por artesanos europeos. Las exclusivas y decorativas botellas de vidrio verde con tapones de corcho se importan de España. Son perfectos para aceite de oliva, vinagre infusionado, sales de baño o decoración. La botella en forma de pirámide tiene capacidad para aproximadamente 10 onzas. Esta hermosa botella con corcho mide 2,5" x 2,5" en la base y se estrecha hacia la parte superior. Mide 9,75" de alto sin el corcho y aproximadamente 10,5" con el corcho insertado.

  • Hecho en España
  • Capacidad de 300 cc/10 oz.
  • Tapón de corcho
  • Mide 9,75" de alto sin el corcho insertado.
  • Peso 1,03 libras

Estilos de decoración del hogar: costero; Casa de Campo; Shabby Chic; bohemia; Escandinavo; Tradicional; País francés; Transicional

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Heather Marie

Bought a few of these pyramid glasses for my home. Some are in the kitchen but I have some being used as decorations too. For the ones being used in my kitchen they are a good size and are not leaky at all. I was worried that it would leak and I would constantly have to wipe under the bottle like I've had to do with previous bottles from other places. I haven't had that issue yet with these. Very happy.

Glass Kitchen

Very nice size. I didn't want something too big and bulky, but this isn't big or bulky at all. Currently don't have anything in it and am using it for decoration. I was happy it came undamaged, as some that I have bough from previous places could never make it through shipping.