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Mango de roseta, empaquetado

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Las rosetas son un postre que se originó en Suecia y Noruega y que ha ganado popularidad en todo el mundo. Son pasteles parecidos a galletas que se fríen y comúnmente tienen los bordes bañados en glaseado o azúcar. Para hacer su propio lote, simplemente conecte este mango de roseta simple a un molde de roseta de hierro para suministros de cocina (se vende por separado) y caliéntelo en aceite caliente. Use el mango para sumergir la roseta caliente en la masa y vuelva a colocarla en el aceite caliente hasta que se forme una cáscara crujiente. ¡Voilá!

  • Fabricado en EE.UU.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ben H.
Good quality

These handles are really good quality. I appreciate the craftsmanship. Wood handle is smooth and comfortable. I like how it is bent at the top. Also the handles are the perfect length, you don't burn yourself but still have enough control over the rosette. Highly recommend.

happy with purchase

This handle works so well. I haven't had any issues with burning myself. It's long enough but not freaky long to where it's uncomfortable to use. Excited to receive some of the molds i purchased to use with this handle to add more variety!

so easy to use

This handle makes baking these delicious treats so easy. I bought a few separate irons to use with the handle and I have 0 complaints. I wasn't worrying about burning myself from the heat because the handle is long enough so you don't get to close. Have recommended this to a few friends already.