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Pastry Cloth and Rolling Pin Cover Set

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Ensure your doughs and crusts remain soft and pliable with this pastry cloth made in the USA. Dust with flour to create the perfect surface for rolling out dough. The very little additional flour used helps dough resist toughening. Also included is a rolling pin cover which easily stretches to fit. Machine washable on delicate cycle.


  • 20" L x 24" W Pastry Cloth
  • 15" L Rolling Pin Cover

Customer Reviews

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Denice P
this is change cooking making experience!!

Baking cookies is always a pain when the dough keeps sticking to the rolling pin. I found this set and decided it give it a shot, and WOW! Now making cookies is so easy! Dough doesn't stick on my pin anymore, woot! Also, it cleaned up easy which was an added bonus. I've also used this set for making pies and have no issues. Definitely a game changer.