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Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, Mini Cube 0.5 oz

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Miniature in Size, Big on Flavor

Each shaker measures 1-inches cubed and holds up to .5 oz. of salt, pepper, or other seasoning. It's an ideal amount for a catered event, wedding reception, or outdoor picnic. For the food service industry, these are an excellent addition to room service trays and service carts.

Clearly a Stylish Choice

Each cube-shaped shaker features a threaded, twist-off chrome top for a simple and elegant silhouette. The clear glass design allows guests to easily select their seasoning of choice, while food service workers can quickly spot needed refills.

Crafted for the discerning palate, these miniature marvels redefine culinary precision. Each 1-inch cube, made of clear glass, houses the perfect pinch of your favorite seasonings. Sleek chrome screw-on lids ensure effortless refilling and elegant presentation.

Impress your guests:

    • Catered events: Elevate guest convenience with these sophisticated shakers, perfect for individual table portions.
    • Intimate gatherings: Add a touch of modern minimalism to your table setting.
    • Wedding receptions: Delight guests with these chic favors, a timeless and practical memento of your special day.
    • Food service excellence: Enhance room service trays and service carts with a touch of polished style.
    • Rented-home use: Add a touch of modern minimalism to your Airbnb or VRBO. Compact and elegant, they enhance your countertop aesthetics in a space-saving design.