Beechwood Mixing Spoons from France

SKU 6100
Incredibly high-quality, all-purpose beechwood spoons from France are crafted with long comfortable handles and broad bowls to easily reach into corners and large stock pots. They won't scratch or damage nonstick cookware. 
  • Beechwood cooking tools are a kitchen staple
  • Wooden spoons are safe for nonstick cookware
  • Features a long, comfortable handle in a variety of lengths
  • Made in France
  • Hand wash
The measurements for the spoons follow. Please note the craftsmanship of the spoons does create some minor variation.
Item 6100 8"L Spoon - 1.75" Wide
Item 6101 10"L Spoon - 1.75" Wide
Item 6102 12"L Spoon - 1.85" Wide
Item 6103 13.75"L Spoon - 2.18" Wide
Item 6104 15.75" L Spoon - 2.18" Wide
Item 6105 Slotted Spoon - 1.85" Wide

One of each of the above-shown items is included in the 6pc wood utensil set.

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